Booking Events

Procedure to Book an Event

Contact the office by phone, email or in person – the office of the Centre will be able to determine if the required space is available for the desired time(s).
All groups are required to fill out a booking form and submit full payment at the time of booking to secure the room for the event.
The room usage fee is based on either an hourly rate, daily rate or a pre-negotiated cost.
If decorating, you must tell us what time you will be arriving. This information needs to be given at time of booking. A fee may be levied for set-up.
An invoice will be provided after the event as soon as possible. If you require it prior to the event please inform us before the date of your event.
Clients must give at least 24 hours notice of cancellation of any event. If notice is not received, payment is non-refundable.

General Rules/Policies for Events

All provincial/federal laws must be adhered to at all times.
No smoking is allowed inside the centre at any time. Smoking is only permitted three meters away from the building and in designated areas only.
No confetti is permitted inside the centre (including, but not limited to, paper cut-outs, metallic shapes, rice etc for throwing and/or decorating). A clean-up fee of $200.00 will be levied if confetti is used.
Any lit candles must be contained within holders that are higher than the top of the flame.
Any function that is going to serve alcohol must have a Special Occasions License, and all servers must have a Serve-it-Right License. No homemade or unlicensed alcohol is allowed in the building at any time. No persons under the age of 19 are to consume alcohol at any time. All licenses must be presented to Event Staff prior to alcohol entering the premises.
All events must cease by 12:00am (midnight) due to a policy of the landlord.
All music is to be neighborly and remain at a level that does not cause complaints. Event Staff have full authority to shut down an event due to noise violations. All music must cease at 10:30pm due to the Kamloops city noise variance bylaw for residential areas.
Events may be catered, but all catering companies must provide a copy of their business license and insurance policy to the office prior to serving food on the premises. Homemade food is only allowed if a liability waiver is signed.
Event staff have the authority to close events and alcohol sales if the policies and/or provincial/federal laws are not being adhered to. This includes the removal of individuals if necessary.

Catering Service

The North Shore Community Centre does not provide catering for events. All caterers must provide a copy of their business license and insurance policy to the office prior to serving food on the premises. Homemade food may only be brought in if a liability waiver is signed at the office.

Bar Service

The North Shore Community Centre does not supply any bar service. All clients requiring bar service must provide a copy of the Serve-it-Right license and Special Occasions License to the office prior to the event.

Coffee Service

The North Shore Community Centre is willing to provide coffee/tea/water for your function at a cost of $2.00 a person. If goodies are also required the cost is an additional $2.00 a person. In the case of a fruit tray or other special dainties the cost will be determined once the items have been agreed upon.

Accurate numbers are required in advance to prepare for your event. You will be charged for how many people you have, or how many people you indicated would be attending – whichever is greater.